Monday, December 8, 2014

Watcher Angels and the Deluge

By Jon Towers

In the first chapter of the new graphic novel The Djinn Jihad, we go over the story of the Deluge. Starting with these angels coming down and taking the daughters of men as wives. This story is only minimally covered in the bible only in one or two lines in Genesis 6. We must delve into the Apocrypha and other esoteric traditions to get more details on this story. These Angels The Grigori or the Watchers come down and mate with human women. It is always about the human chicks man… Always.
djinn jihad
The Watcher Angels and the Daughters of Man

An aspect of the story that isn’t in the graphic novel is the idea that these Watcher angels didn’t just come down to hump the humans, but they came down and selected students and taught men all sorts of good stuff. According to The Book of Enoch these angels taught men; magic, astrology, metallurgy, mathematics, agriculture and all sorts of other things. The angels taught women; how to adorn the body and beautification of the eyes. First comes love, then comes marriage; the next wild thing that happened here is the Earth girls started giving birth to hybrid human / angels. These new creatures were called The Nephilim. They were abominations and were scourges of men. The gene pool of almost the whole population of Earth was corrupted and we know this because the bible makes a point to say that Noah was “pure in his generations”.
The Djinn Jihad
Archangel Sariel and the Nephilim
The trespassing angels were eventually castrated bound and locked up underneath Mount Hermon on the present day boarder Syria and Lebanon. The leader of the angels a guy named Samyaza was castrated, bound and suspended upside down in the void, a representation of this can be seen in Rosslyn Chapel. As far as the Nephilim were concerned, the not so final solution was the God of the Old Testament, Yvh, Jehovah, Yaweh or Yaldabaoth flushed the planet. Forty days and nights of rain the bible says that water poured out of the Earth and flooded the world in a failed attempt to drown out and kill the Nephilim.  We know that this didn’t work as giants were mentioned again in the Old Testament such as Goliath and the giants who lived in Canaan. These folks that lived in Canaan were the people that YVH turned the Moses lead Hebrew war machine on while they were on their way to the Promised Land.

The Djinn Jihad
The Punishment of the Watcher Angels
The Djinn Jihad is now available in paperback and Kindle format!
The Djinn Jihad
The Djinn Jihad by Jon Towers
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