Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Gnostic Cain

By Jon Towers

You can’t really put all the Gnostics in the same pile. It is true that Gnostics are a “big tent” group but the tent part is made out of big heresy and the poles and ropes that hold the tent up are the multiple details and theories of that heretical thought. As an example, in the days of Rome in the Second Century, there was a sect of Gnostics called Sethians. The Seathians believed that Adam and Eve’s third son Seth was a savior figure and the source of Gnosis. However there was a also a contemporary group of Gnostics that also venerated Cain they were called the Cainites.
Besides Cain the Cainites were REALLY hated because besides venerating Cain they also identified with Judas. They were like a group of high stakes contrarians. The Idea behind this Judas thing is something I have been thinking about since I was a young Sunday School boy listening to these wild tales at New Life Baptist Church. Why does everyone hate on Judas? If Jesus needed to be tortured and nailed to a cross to save mankind from their sins and the only way this happens is if the Romans arrest him, it seems like Judas did us a solid. Right?

 These Gnostic Cainites believed that Adam was not the father of Cain but Lucifer or The Serpent was the father of the first son. In fact The Serpent impregnated her with the breath of his words. The duelist ideas and the hatred for the material world of  was passed from The Serpent to Eve and then to Cain himself.  The Gnostic Cain could care less about pleasing the Tyrant God and couldn’t even understand the reason why God wanted the sacrifice. He intended to kill his brother to release him from the prison of the material world and the time prison. When confronted by YVH Cain would go on to explain that he hates the world and that God is the ignorant tyrant not the highest god. In the accepted story and how it is taught today this is when God marks and curses Cain with Immortality and sets him on his way to walk the Earth, trapping him in this material world that Cain hates so much, never aging trapping him and his spark of infinity forever.   

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Gnostic Cain and this world view is featured heavily in the THE AGES: Gemini.

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