Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Stone Golems

Jon Towers
The Djinn Jihad


By Jon Towers
A Golem is a human shaped being made from all sorts of material. It’s origins are from old Jewish tales and folklore. The story would usually have a Rabbi or Kabbalist create a golem to protect his village from some sort of persecution. The Golem usually turns on the town and destroys or attacks the town by the end of the story. It is often times meant to show the hubris of the magic user. The kabbalist or Rabbi would form the body of the golem and then by writing, carving, whispering etc on it bring it to life. The method of animating the golem is different in each story however it usually has to do with Hebrew letters being put on the form or in the form, in the case the golem has a mouth. The letters form the words of the sacred data transmitted from YVH, God himself. The Golem is a pesher or a microscopic example of the power of God, and the kabbalist who would use the sacred data to play the part of God. As God formed the perfect man and woman from clay and gave them life, so to now does the magic user gift a lifeless formed material life. Just as man went against God and ruined the world, the Golem given a long enough life span, with wreck his little village and attack the people. This story is so prevalent in our culture it can be seen in Frankenstein and my third favorite Black Sabbath song.

The Nonstandard Assembly
The Nonstandard Assembly
Golems are usually not named, since they don’t have personalities or anything they usually respond to “Hey! Hey golem! Come here!” Or they are named after their region; The golem of Prauge is one of the most well know golem. However when writing golems as far as The Nonstandard Assembly is concerned I like to give them cool names. The fist golem in story was Boaz The Stone Golem. Boaz is a Jewish word for strength, I get a little magician geeky here with Boaz’s name, let me explain; In Solomon’s temple there are two frontal pillars The one to the right was named Jachin and the one to the left was Boaz. Boaz and Jachin are found in the tarot cards, they plainly appear on the second card of the Major Arcana The High Priestess, their initials are even carved on them.
In the narrative of the first Nonstandard Assembly book Boaz is identified with the card Strength (the 8th card of the Major Arcana) Which depicts A lady holding closed the mouth of a Lion. But in mideveil times the Strength card was called Fortitude and the lady was depicted holding up a broken pillar.

Jon Towers
The Djinn Jihad by Jon Towers
The second golem is in The Djinn Jihad his name is Even the Stone Golem. His name comes from the Jewish name Even or Ezer, it means Foundation Stone.

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