Saturday, June 13, 2015

Saturn and the Ancient Sky, a Brief Introduction to a Bananas Theory

By Jon Towers
In the earlier ages, at least before the Deluge Earth’s sky would be radically different. None of the planets had really settled into their orbit and could have been wildly careening across the sky like an ancient game of Billiards The sky would be an alien one to us now. In the 1950’s and 60’s a Russian-Jewish independent scholar named Immanuel Velikovsky published a series of books and many lecture series about these cosmic cataclysms Worlds in Collision (1950),  Ages in Chaos (1952), Earth in Upheaval (1955) and  Peoples of the Sea (1977).
Some of the more interesting aspects of Velikovsky’s theory are:
·         Earth has suffered natural catastrophes on a global scale in Pre-history and recorded history.
·         These catastrophes are etched in the subconscious mind of men and are recorded in myths and legends. Myths and legends of a global flood for an example are present in almost all cultures around the whole planet.
·         The causes of these events are close encounters within our solar system including the other planets.
·         Earth used to orbit a purple dwarf star pre-Saturn body.
·         Venus was once originally a giant comet.
Velikovsky’s work spawned a sort of movement called The Electric Universe which is still chugging away today. This theory makes electricity a cosmic force on par or even more important than gravity. Imagine massive arcs of plasma sparking through space between the planets! These guys also point to fascinating ancient art as evidence. They have constructed a model of our near planetary bodies focusing on a Mars that orbits in weirdo ways casting a wide variety of shadow plays onto a nearby giant Saturn. And these shadow and light tricks are theorized to be the giant prehistorical IMAX movie that launched a million stories, myths and religions. 
The idea of an Earth that orbits a pre-Saturn is fascinating especially when you consider what we know about Saturn today. Since the 70’s when we received pictures from a deep space satellite we sent out the planet of Saturn has become very, very fascinating. On the North Pole of Saturn floats a super massive hexagon shape spiral. It is large enough to fit several Earths inside this Hexagon. On the South Pole, there is a super massive vortex like swirling eye shape. It gives me the heebie jeebies to look at pictures of these structures.

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In the upcoming graphic novel Book Seven of the New Apocrypha, THE AGES uses a few variations of The Electric Universe and the idea of Earth orbiting a pre-Saturn body.
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