Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Djinn
In pre-Islamic and Islamic mythology Djinn, Jinn, Jinni, Djinni or just Genie are supernatural creatures who fit weirdly into the world. They have the potential of vast supernatural power similar to archangels but they are also have free will like man and have the ability to do good or evil.  As humans were created from the clay of the earth the Quran tells us that the Djinn are made of smokeless fire. Djinn live in communities not unlike humans, with kings and courts and stuff. Angels are really divine technology, they are manufactured beings, Djinn however marry, take wives and do the dirty deed to procreate.
Djinn’s generally have the attributes of; Resistance to magic, magic skill comes naturally to them, resistance to physical damage and harsh environment, super strength, extraordinarily long life span and shape shifting abilities. Imagine magically trained Djinns sitting at looms weaving a fleet of magic carpets, or magically trained Djinn working in huge blacksmith shops tuning out magically laced spears, scimitars and armor.

In a few stories in One Thousand And One Nights there is a lot of precedent that these Djinn are being seemingly constantly enslaved and exploited for their powers and abilities. In Islamic tradition and also Kabalistic tradition and Hebrew tales tell of King Solomon has this ring that he can use to command Djinn to make them do all sorts of things, like build his temple.
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