Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Council of the Cherubim and The Elohim

The beginning for the idea for the Council of the Cherubim  is wrapped in the word Elohim, which is a name for God in the Torah. The word is a weird one as it is plural seemingly to mean that there is more than one God or perhaps God is made up from a group of individuals. You can just imagine the council sitting there  in their court, passing down the Ten Commandments like in Exodus 20:3 all screaming in unison the Ten Commandments “Thou shall have no other gods before me!” hundreds of jealous voices dictating the law!  Elohim is also weird because it is both masculine and feminine. Jon Towers

I sort of latched onto this idea it fit so well into my Gnostic world view that there is no benevolent God sitting on his throne lovingly watching over us, but that there is only a court of squabbling bureaucrats lording over us. That isn’t to say there is no single being we would identify as God. He is just off somewhere taking a nap or fishing. Likewise that isn’t to say that the Council of the Cherubim didn’t have anything to do with creating the world. This would point and enslaved finger at the idea that this council being a representation of the Elohim as actually being the Archons. The evil and corrupted  builders of the material world.

The court of the council is adorned with three main symbols. The first being an anchor, the second being the infamous All Seeing Eye, followed by the Golden Ratio. The anchor symbolizes a connection of the council with the material world. The symbol of the All Seeing Eye is just that, they are all seeing, or they are claiming to be all seeing. The Golden Ratio is there to connect the council to the construction of the Earth, the presence of this ratio / spiral would be like seeing a T Square or compass on the desk of the draftsman.  

Jon Towers
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