Saturday, September 27, 2014


There are nine angelic orders. On one end of the spectrum there are angels closest to God who just circle his throne and sing “Holy, holy, holy!” all day long. On the other end are the more rugged angels who have to deal with mankind and it’s sin every day. They are the kind of angels who smite cities, kill the first born, and wrestle with Jacob. These are the scary angels. Today we are going to look at three of these Archangels; Michael, Gabriel and Metatron. For the ease of  reading, I will refer to specific angels as “him” or “her” and “he” or “she” but it is very important to remember that after the Gregori – Nephilim – Flood incident, angels are no longer created or designed / built with gender or sexual organs.  Any apparent sex organ (even nipples or navels for that matter) observed on an angel are useless.
Gabriel is known as The Messenger, she is seen as somewhat compromised and has been corrupted in the past and has even fell from grace, however not to the degree of Uriel. Her weapon of choice is a flaming sword.
Michael is the General of the angelic army. He is a veteran of the heavenly wars and many spiritual skirmishes. He proudly wears his military ribbons and awards on his chest over the scars he received from the first heavenly war. He is often seen with a shield with the image of the sun on it, and a flaming sword.
Metatron is the most powerful Angel in the universe. He was once a man, one of the antediluvian patriarchs named Enoch. He was brought to heaven and  merged with a divine angelic power armor. He is equipped with a compliment of weapons and divine / sacred technology.


These three archangels are in the brand spanking new graphic novel The Djinn Jihad by Jon Towers, published by Post Mortem press. These archangels are sent to combat the powerful Djinn in a battle that changes all of these Archangels and even kills one of them. The Djinn Jihad is available in paperback and Kindle!  

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